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Service Changes

Improved Service Awaits You on February 19th!

You shared important feedback and we listened! On February 19th, Big Blue Bus will adjust its service to better connect customers with places they live, work and play. These changes reflect the way you move in and around our service area and the region, making it easier, safer, and faster to incorporate Blue into your lifestyle. Some key changes include:

  • Extended service on Route 5 into Downtown Santa Monica 7 days per week, and all day to Palms Station on weekdays.
  • New Route 43 connection to SMC, and Route 7 and Rapid 7 on Pico Blvd.
  • Additional service to SMC on Route 7, and to UCLA on Rapid 12 and Route 17.
  • Many schedule adjustments for improved timeliness.

We hope the changes below inspire you to travel car free, and to enjoy a better quality of life.

View the complete Little Blue Book (Effective February 19, 2017)

Select your favorite route for additional details:


Route 3 Lincoln Blvd

Route and Schedule Changes

  • Southbound trips to Aviation Station: Due to Metro Rail construction, all trips travel east on 96th St., turn right on Bellanca Ave., left on Century Blvd., right on Aviation Blvd., and come to a final stop at Aviation Station.
  • Northbound trips to Santa Monica: New weekday trips depart Aviation Station at 4:33am and 4:53am; existing trips at 5:05am and 5:25am depart 2 minutes earlier, at 5:03am and 5:23am, respectively.

New Stops!

  • SB Bellanca Ave. & 98th  St.
  • SB Lincoln Blvd. & Coeur D Alene Ave.

Discontinued Stops:

  • SB Airport Blvd. & 98th St.
  • EB Century Blvd. & Airport Blvd
  • EB Century Blvd. & International Rd.
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Rapid 3 Lincoln Blvd Rapid

Minor Route and Schedule Changes

  • Southbound trips to Aviation Station: Due to Metro Rail construction, current detour on Bellanca Ave. and 96th St. becomes permanent route.
  • Weekday:
    • Before 11am, northbound trips from Lincoln Blvd. and Washington Blvd. to Downtown Santa Monica may depart up to 3 minutes earlier.
    • Between 6:33am and 3:19pm, southbound trips to Aviation Station depart up to 3 minutes earlier or 5 minutes later.
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Route 5 Olympic Blvd

Major Route and Schedule Changes

  • We listened! Service to and from Downtown Santa Monica has been restored, with connections at Bundy Station, 26th St./Bergamot Station, 17th St./SMC Station, and Downtown Santa Monica Station.
  • More service!
    • Additional weekday service to Palms Station.
    • Weekend service improved to every 40 minutes.

New Stops!

Toward Century City / Palms Station

  • NB Main St. & Civic Auditorium
  • NB Main St. & Olympic Blvd.
  • NB 2nd St. & Broadway
  • EB Santa Monica & 3rd St.
  • EB Santa Monica & 4th St.
  • SB 5th St. & Colorado Ave. (Downtown SM Station)
    • Stop delayed until further notice due to construction.
  • EB Colorado Ave. & Lincoln Ave.
  • EB Colorado Ave. & 11th St.
  • EB Colorado Ave. & 14th St.
  • EB Colorado Ave. & 17th St.
  • EB Colorado Ave. & 20th St.
  • EB Colorado Ave. & Cloverfield Blvd.
  • EB Colorado Ave. & 26th St.

Toward Santa Monica

  • WB Colorado Ave. & 26th St.
  • WB Colorado Ave. & Cloverfield Blvd.
  • WB Colorado Ave. & 20th St.
  • WB Colorado Ave. & 17th St.
  • WB Colorado Ave. & 14th St.
  • WB Colorado Ave. & 11th St.
  • WB Colorado Ave. & Lincoln Blvd.
  • WB Colorado Ave. & 4th St. (Downtown SM Station)
    • Stop delayed until further notice due to construction.
  • SB 4th St. & Civic Center Dr.
  • WB Pico Blvd. & 4th St.
  • NB Main St. & Pico Blvd.

Discontinued Stops:

  • WB Olympic Blvd. & Cloverfield Blvd.
  • WB Olympic Blvd. & Expo Bike Path
  • NB 20th St. & Olympic Blvd.
  • SB Cloverfield Blvd. & Colorado Ave.
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Rapid 10 Downtown LA Freeway Express

Route and Schedule Changes:

  • Route now begins and ends at the stop on WB Broadway and 5th St. and travels along 4th St. to Santa Monica Blvd. en route to Downtown Los Angeles.
  • Discontinued stops in Downtown Santa Monica:
    • WB Broadway & 4th St.
    • SB 2nd St. & Broadway
    • NB Ocean Ave. & Broadway
    • NB Ocean Ave. & Santa Monica Blvd.
    • EB Santa Monica Blvd. & 3rd St.
  • Peak service adjusted to every 20 minutes.
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Rapid 12 UCLA/Westwood to Expo Rapid

  • On all days, service adjusted for better connectivity to the Expo Line.
  •  More frequent weekday morning service from Overland Ave. and Venice Blvd.!
    • Northbound trips between 6:45am and 10am now every 8 to 12 minutes; trips between 7pm and 10pm improved to every 20 minutes.
    • Southbound trips between 3pm and 7pm now every 11 minutes or less; trips between 8pm and 11pm improved to every 20 minutes.
  • Weekend service adjusted by up to 10 minutes earlier or later.
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Route 14 Bundy Dr & Centinela Ave

  • All day service adjustments for improved timeliness.
  • Weekday:
    • Northbound service to Paul Revere School via San Vicente Blvd. and Allenford Ave. arrives at 7:26am, 7:41am, and 8:01am.
    • Southbound trips between 6:30am and 9am depart up to 10 minutes earlier. More trips from Paul Revere School via Allenford Ave. and San Vicente Blvd. depart at 2:15pm, 2:49pm, 3:18pm, and 3:50pm.
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Route 17 UCLA-VA Medical Center-Palms

Route and Schedule Changes

  • More frequent weekday service!
    • Service improved to every 20 minutes for better connectivity between UCLA and the Expo Line.
  • Route changes at UCLA:
    • Route begins and ends at Charles E. Young Terminal instead of Hilgard Terminal.
    • Northbound trips no longer serve Le Conte Ave. or Hilgard Ave.
    • Southbound:
    • Stop discontinued on Hilgard Ave. and Westholme Ave
      • Stop on National Blvd. & Venice Blvd. (Culver City Station) now located before intersection.

New Stop!

  • NB Westwood Plaza & Jules Stein Eye Institute

Discontinued Stops:

  • NB Westwood Blvd. & Le Conte Ave.
  • EB Le Conte Ave. & Tiverton Ave.
  • NB Hilgard Ave. & Manning Ave.
  • NB Hilgard Ave. & Westholme Ave.
  • UCLA Hilgard Terminal
  • SB Hilgard Ave. & Westholme Ave.
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Route 18 UCLA - Abbot Kinney - Marina del Rey

  • Weekday:
    • Eastbound trips at 6:06am and 6:28am depart Marina del Rey earlier, at 6am and 6:23am, respectively.
    • After 8pm, westbound service departs UCLA 2 minutes earlier.     
  • Eastbound weekend trips depart Via Marina and Admiralty Way up to 5 minutes later; departure times at subsequent stops remain unchanged.
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Route 43 San Vicente Blvd & 26th St

Major Route and Schedule Changes

  • Route extended to serve Santa Monica College and Pico Blvd.
    • Connections to Route 7 and Rapid 7 along Pico Blvd.
    • New connectivity to SMC's Main Campus.
    • New connection to 17th St./SMC Station.
  • Select afternoon trips to Paul Revere School begin at San Vicente Blvd. and 14th St. before serving the school. From the school, service will continue from Allenford Ave. directly onto 26th St.

New Stops!

  • WB Olympic Blvd. & Cloverfield Blvd.
  • NB 20th St. & Olympic Blvd.
  • WB Colorado Ave. & 20th St.
  • SB 17th St. & Colorado Ave. (17th St./SMC Station)
  • WB Olympic Blvd. & 16th St.
  • SB 14th St. & Michigan Ave.
  • EB Pico Blvd. & 14th St.
  • EB Pico Blvd. & 16th St.
  • EB Pico Blvd. & 18th St.
  • NB 20th St. & Pico Blvd.
  • NB 20th St. & Delaware Ave.
  • NB 20th St. & Olympic Blvd.
  • EB Olympic Blvd. & Expo Bike Path
  • EB Olympic Blvd. & 26th St. (26th St./Bergamot Station)
Delayed Stop (due to construction):

  • NB Stewart St. & Pennsylvania Ave.
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