Service Changes

Major route, stop and schedule updates coming June 12, 2016

The June Service Change marks the third of four transformative phases that will result in a major redesign of Big Blue Bus routes, called the Evolution of Blue. Our goal is to provide new convenient services in Santa Monica and West Los Angeles and to improve connectivity between neighborhoods, shopping areas, employment centers, and Expo Line stations. We're encouraging you to call it quits with the I-10 freeway and try Big Blue to Expo. We guarantee you won't shed a tear, as you zoom past traffic. For more details on phase three and four, visit


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  • 4

    Route 4 San Vicente Blvd & Carlyle Ave

    Route 4 is discontinued and partially replaced by service on:

    • Route 5 on portions of Olympic Blvd.
    • Route 7 and Rapid 7 on portions of Pico Blvd.
    • Route 9 on portions of 4th St. and San Vicente Blvd.
    • Route 14 on (winter only) portions of San Vicente Blvd.
    • Route 17 at the VA West LA Medical Center and portions of Sawtelle Blvd.
    • Route 18 & 43 on portions of San Vicente Blvd. 
  • 5

    Route 5 Olympic Blvd

    Routing and minor schedule changes in Century City, including:

    • Westbound buses from Palms Station to downtown SM will serve the stop on WB Constellation Blvd. and Century Park West (before the intersection), instead of EB Constellation Blvd. and Solar Way.
    • Westbound buses from Century City to downtown SM will begin service at the stop on WB Constellation Blvd. and Ave. of the Stars.
    • Eastbound service from downtown SM to Century City (final destination) will travel east on Olympic Blvd. to Ave. of the Stars and come to a final stop on WB Constellation Blvd. and Ave. of the Stars (trips from SM to Palms Station remain unchanged). 
  • 8

    Route 8 Ocean Park Blvd

    Schedule change:

    Minor weekday and significant weekend schedule adjustments to compliment new Rapid 12 service on Westwood Blvd.

    • Weekday: Some trips adjusted by one to two minutes.
    • Saturday and Sunday (trips departing from downtown SM): Most morning and evening trips operate up to 10 minutes earlier or later.
    • Saturday and Sunday (trips departing from UCLA): Most trips operate up to 5 minutes earlier or later.

    New stop! SB Ocean & Olympic

    Stop moved: SB Westwood & Olympic (moved south of Olympic)

  • 12

    Route 12 UCLA/Westwood to Expo

    Route 12 is discontinued and partially replaced by service on:

    • Updated Rapid 12 routing on Westwood Blvd., Overland Ave., and UCLA campus.
    • NEW Route 17 at the Culver City Station, National Blvd., Palms Blvd., and UCLA. Additionally, NEW Route 17 service along Sawtelle Blvd. connects the Palms neighborhood with the VA West LA Medical Center on all days and UCLA on weekdays only.
    • Alternate service on Sepulveda Blvd. provided by Culver City Bus Route 6 and Rapid 6.
  • 12

    Rapid 12 UCLA/Westwood to Expo Rapid

    Major route changes:

    • Route 12 and Rapid 12 combined into one high-frequency route.
    • Serves the Westwood Station. 
    • Extended south of Overland Ave. and Palms Blvd. to Washington Blvd. and Motor Ave.
    • No longer serve Palms Blvd. east of Overland Ave., National Blvd., and the Culver City Station. This portion of the Rapid 12 will be replaced by the NEW Route 17 from UCLA to the Culver City Station (see Route 17 below). 

    Increased service: Significant service increases. Now operates 7 days per week.

    • Weekdays
    • Service every 10 minutes or less during peak hours.
    • Service every 12 minutes midday.
    • Service every 20 to 30 minutes early morning and late evening.
    • In August, service will improve to every 7 to 8 minutes during peak hours and every 10 minutes midday.
    • Weekends
    • Service every 30 minutes from 6am to 10pm.
    • Service between Westwood Station and UCLA runs approximately every 15 minutes when considering both Route 8 and Rapid 12 service.

    New Stops & Stop Removals: See route map for locations.

  • 14

    Route 14 Bundy Dr & Centinela Ave

    Schedule change:

    Discontinued trips to Paul Revere Middle School (MS) (trips resume in fall in addition to NEW Route 43 trips):

    • Northbound: Trip at 6:36am from Playa Vista to Paul Revere MS will terminate at Gorham Ave. and San Vicente Blvd.
    • Southbound: Trips at 2:17pm and 3:17pm from Paul Revere MS to Playa Vista will now begin at Gorham Ave. and San Vicente Blvd. at 2:40pm and 3:40pm, respectively. 

    11 new stops!

    • WB & EB San Vicente & Montana
    • WB & EB San Vicente & Bundy
    • WB & EB San Vicente & Anita
    • WB & EB San Vicente & Bristol
    • WB & EB San Vicente & Avondale
    • SB 26th & La Mesa
  • 15

    Route 15 Barrington Ave

    Stop removal: EB Exposition & Centinela 

    Stop moved across street: NB Barrington & Nebraska 

  • 16

    Route 16 Wilshire Blvd/Bundy Dr - Marina Del Rey

    Stop removal: SB Walgrove & Victoria 

    New stops!

    • NB Walgrove & Victoria
    • SB Walgrove & Lucille 
  • 17

    Route 17 UCLA-VA Medical Center-Palms

    NEW Route!

    • Weekday service every 30 minutes between the Culver City Station and UCLA from 5:45am to 9pm (northbound) and 5:45am to 10pm (southbound).
    • Weekend service every 45 minutes between Culver City Station and the VA West LA Medical Center from 6am to 8:30pm. Please note, there is no service to UCLA on weekends.
    • Route will serve the Sepulveda Station.
    • NEW Route 17 replaces portions of Route 4 and Route 12 that previously served Culver City Station, National Blvd., Palms Station, Palms Blvd., Sawtelle Blvd. and the VA West LA Medical Center.

    NEW Stops! See route map for locations.

  • 18

    Route 18 UCLA - Abbot Kinney

    Stop removals:

    • EB Montana & Harvard
    • EB & WB Montana & Gretna Green
    • WB Montana & Burlingame
  • 41-42

    Route 41-42 17th St Station - SMC - Montana Ave

    Stop removal: EB Broadway & 19th 

    New stop! EB Broadway & 18th

  • 42

    Route 42 17th St Station - Montana Ave - SMC

    • Route 42 will open on the day rail service opens at 17th St./SMC Station.
    • Only operates in a counterclockwise direction (the opposite direction of Route 41). See map for details.
    • Service will operate every 15 to 30 minutes from 6AM to 9PM.

    Future stops:

    • WB Colorado & 17th (first stop)
    • EB Broadway & 19th
    • NB 20th & Santa Monica
    • NB 20th & Wilshire
    • NB 20th & California
    • NB 20th & Idaho
    • WB Montana & 17th
    • WB Montana & 15th
    • SB 14th & Idaho
    • SB 14th & California
    • SB 14th & Wilshire
    • SB 14th & Santa Monica
    • SB 14th & Colorado
    • SB 14th & Michigan
    • EB Pico & 14th
    • EB Pico & 16th
    • EB Pico & 18th
    • NB 20th  & Pico
    • NB 20th & Delaware
    • NB 20th & Olympic
    • WB Colorado & 18th (final stop)
  • 43

    Route 43 San Vicente Blvd & 26th St

    NEW Route!

    • Service provides weekday only connections from 14th St. and San Vicente Blvd. to the 26th Street/Bergamot Station via San Vicente Blvd. and 26th St.
    • Weekday service every 30 minutes from approximately 6am to 9am and 1:30pm to 7pm.
    • No midday or weekend service available at this time.
    • In August, select trips will serve Paul Revere Middle School, supplementing existing Route 14 trips.

    New Stops! See route map for locations.

  • 44

    Route 44 SMC Campus Connector

    Route change:

    • Route changed to travel between SMC Bundy Campus and the 17th Street/SMC Station.
    • Service on Pico Blvd. and 20th St. is discontinued.
    • Summer service every 30 minutes from approximately 6:30am to 6:15pm beginning June 13 through August 19.
    • Service every 15 minutes during the fall, winter, and spring sessions.
    • Service on weekdays only. 

    New Stops:

    • WB & EB Pearl & 14th
    • NB & SB 14th & Pico
    • EB Colorado & 17th (17th St/SMC Station)
    • SB 17th & Colorado (17th St/SMC Station)
    • WB Olympic & 16th
    • SB 14th & Michigan
    • SB 17th & Pearl

    Stop Removals:

    • WB Pearl & 16th
    • EB Pico & 16th
    • EB Pico & 18th
    • SB 20th & Pico 
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