Special Needs

All Big Blue Buses offer riders many accessibility features and services, including: 

  • Ramp boarding for mobility devices
  • LED screens that display information for riders with hearing challenges
  • Audio announcements at bus entry and on-board for riders with sight challenges
  • Large print schedules via request at (310) 451-5444
  • ¡Se habla español! 

Trip tip: When considering a wheelchair purchase, a WC19-compliant model is the most easily secured on transit buses. 

For riders with mobility devices:

Whenever possible, wheelchairs/mobility devices should be backed onto the bus. Next, you’ll be required to power down your device and/or set your brakes. The Operator is then required to secure it.

Big Blue Bus requires devices to be secured using a four-point or two-point securement system (Americans with Disabilities Act, Title 49, CFR 37.165).

Every wheelchair or mobility device that can be secured is required to be secured. Until 11/17/15, customers had the option of requesting a sticker allowing a securement exemption. For safety reasons, the securement exemption sticker program has been discontinued.

Riders with devices that can be secured but who prefer not to use the securements will not be transported. Mobility devices that can’t be secured may still be transported after the brakes are locked, the device is powered down, and the Operator receives approval from Dispatch to move the bus.

For your own safety, all customers using a wheelchair or mobility device are encouraged to wear the shoulder belt and/or lap belt.   

Service Animal Policy: 

Big Blue Bus welcomes service animals onto all our buses. Service animals must be trained to do work or tasks directly related to the individual’s disability. 

If you meet the outlined requirements, no license is required, but you will be asked to confirm that your animal is a service animal and you may be asked what duty the service animal is trained to perform.  

A few things to keep in mind when bringing your service animal on board a Big Blue Bus: 

  • You are responsible for the supervision and actions of your animal(s) while on board. 
  • The animal must be in a harness, a leash, or be secured in some way; or the individual must maintain effective control by voice, signals or some other effective means. 
  • The animal must not be disruptive and/or pose a direct threat to the health and safety of others. 
  •  The animal is expected to remain on the floor or on your lap.  
  • The animal must be housebroken.
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