Need to ride more than one bus or train to reach your destination?

An interagency transfer allows you to board one additional Metro Bus, Metro Rail, or most other regional bus lines. Transfers are valid for two hours from time issued.

Tips about Interagency Transfers:

  • Transfers can only be purchased when boarding.
  • One paid base fare allows you to purchase one single-use transfer.
  • Transfers are accepted as base fare only. They can’t be used to pay for another transfer or an upgrade fee.
  • After your transfer expires or you board a second bus, you must pay another base fare if you want to ride yet another bus.
  • Altered or damaged transfers will not be accepted.

What transfers are accepted from other transit services?

Big Blue Bus accepts valid Interagency Transfers from any municipal transit system and Metro Rail that intersects with any Big Blue Bus route, under the following conditions:

  • Metro Rail: Proof of valid fare from other agency and interagency ticket is required.
  • From a Metro bus: We accept a transfer that reads "metro to muni."
  • From other transit agencies: We accept a transfer as long as it shows the word “IAT” and it has not been expired.
  • BBB does not accept Culver City Bus local transfers.
*Note: Big Blue Bus does not offer transfers from one BBB to another BBB.
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