Rider Relief (RRTP)


The Rider Relief Transportation Program (RRTP) provides fare subsidy coupons to eligible riders who purchase daily, weekly, or monthly passes. Eligible riders include adult regular riders, Senior/Disabled/Medicare, K-12 grade students, and college/vocational students who are pre-qualified by a participating community-based agency.



Eligibility Guidelines 



RRTP coupons are available to Los Angeles County residents whose household income levels meet the following Federal HUD guidelines:



Current Household/Maximum Annual Income 


1 person/$25,900 4 people/$37,000
2 people/$29,600 5 people/$39,950
3 people/$33,300 6 people/$42,900


Note: Residents and students already being subsidized for metro fare media are not eligible.



Types of Subsidies 


Coupon Category

Current Value

Regular Rider


Student K-12








How to Apply 


Westside Region Contact:

FAME Assistance Corporation

Attn: Ms. Ronni Jackson

(323) 730-7715

Customer Service:
310 451-5444

1660 7th Street, Santa Monica, California 90401
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