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Santa Monica College (SMC) students/staff may ride any Big Blue Bus line at any time using a valid, activated SMC ID card with current semester sticker (here's how to get a semester sticker and activate your card). Then simply swipe your ID in the farebox when boarding to ride any Big Blue Bus, any time for free! 

P.S. Need a transfer? Buy an interagency transfer as soon as you board if you plan to ride BBB to Metro, Expo or any other service. If you’re transferring from another agency to BBB, save your cash, it’s free.


August 2015 Highlights Include:   

Service discontinued. Service will be discontinued to reduce duplication in service to Santa Monica College. Refer to BBB Routes 12 and 14 connecting to Route 7 or Rapid 7 as alternate travel options. Make sure to plan your trip on Google transit.

Schedule change! Operates every 20 minutes or less with service every 30 minutes during early morning and late evening hours. Tip, hop on Big Blue at your nearest Rapid 7 stop for a speedier trip (please review new schedule)

Schedule change! Introduction of new weekend service! Weekday frequency every 7 to 8 minutes during peak hours.

Route change! Route extended south to Playa Vista. Service discontinued north of Montana Ave. & Barrington Ave. and on Washington Blvd., Inglewood Blvd., and Culver Blvd. (please review new schedule).

Route 44 

Name of route changes from Sunset Ride to SMC Campus Connector.


Places to Visit

 Take BBB to explore other parts of Santa Monica and Los Angeles. Here’s a list and a downloadable map to get you started: 

      1 UCLA – Westwood – Broad Stage – Venice Beach             Route 8 UCLA – Westside Pavilion – Clover Park
      Route 2 UCLA – Westwood – Broad Stage Rapid 10 Downtown Santa Monica – Downtown Los Angeles
      Route 5 Century City Route-14 Culver City – Brentwood 
       Route 7              Downtown Santa Monica – SMC Main Campus – Rimpau Transit Center             Route 41
SMC Main Campus – Montana Ave. – UCLA Medical Center – St. John’s Hospital
      Rapid 7 Downtown Santa Monica – SMC Main Campus – Wilshire/Western Purple 
Line Station
            Route 44  SMC Bundy Campus – SMC Main Campus 

Ride Big Blue Bus to and from campus! 

Click map icon for full details.

 SMC_MAP_Aug 2015

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